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After the telescope collapse

  monitor the stability of the platform and azimuth sitting in the dish.

Tower 4  cable failures

Major events that impacted the telescope.

Telescope calibration:

    gain curves
    sefd curves
    system performance (all receivers)
    cal values
    focus curves
    system temperature
    multi frequency measurements
    temperature: platform,bowl,turret room, gain dependence
    stokes calibration
    arecibo technical memos
Individual receiver calibration pages
47 Mhz 327 Mhz on dome
327 MHz feed on ch
430 dome
430 linefeed (on ch) 430 yagi (on ch) 610  800Mhz
lbw     (lbn_removed) lband on ch (seti@home) Alfa multi beam
sband narrow (radar) sband wide (1.7-3 Ghz) sband hi (3-4 Ghz)
cband (4-6 Ghz) cbw (4-8 Ghz)
cband hi (6-8 Ghz) removed
xband (8-10 Ghz)
byu phase array feed

NSF Senior Review 2006
Puerto rican labor laws

hf page
12meter page
archiving ao data for the closeout


ngat (.pdf)


   The telescope and site monitoring/logging programs
Monitor Info
System Temperatures all rcvrs
Platform temperature
orion weather station data
12meter dailyTempPlots

12meter dewar monitoring
singlePixel Dewar Temperatures & bias voltages
alfa temps,DrainV,drainI,GateV
Gregorian Receiver Room temps

Rfi: fractional occurrence by month Rfi: tv station pwr vs time
Rfi: hilltop monitoring system Daily monitoring of az,gr,ch
azimuth motor torques(by month)
Dome motor torques (by mon,year)

AGES drift scan survey
galfacts caldeflection (alfa gain stability)
alfa daily system temps
alfa Tsys by Month

Monitoring of site power
commercial power
Generator power
Laser ranging distomat dropouts
wind meter on platform
Ao compute server list
Ao network switches
tiedown tensions
td daily check
Daily Crontab file to plot the data.
monitor pdev hardware

Misc. links:


Aeronomy data
Jeff mock's pdev spectrometer
hardware devices:correlator, tertiary, drive systems,etc:
Astronomical surveys
sband radar observing
observing techniques:
system modification history:
problems while observing
little known facts:
The Flat family visists the Arecibo Observatory
Notes to myself
User projects

Ao info
   phone directory
photos (yes phil finally broke down and bought a camera

Telescope calibration:

  1. Multi frequency measurements.

  2. System performance multi freq. measurements.
    Compare gain/sefd sep00, aug02 (dec02)
    Comparison of gain before and after reflector adjusted  (CTA21,C3138) (mar02)
    Tsys vs turret offset for lbw, lbn, sbn, sbw,cband,and xband (feb02).
    Gain and Sefd for multiple receivers using 3C48 and 3C138 (dec01)
    Pitch, roll, focus correction at multiple frequencies on 3C48, CTA21 (feb01)
    CTA21 sefd, tsys, and gain at lband, sband, and cband (aug00)
  3. Temperature dependence.

  4. System gain stability vs rotary floor room temperature (cband)
    System gain stability vs rotary floor temp.. lbw (12jun01).
  5. Miscellaneous

  6. - Compare turret scans with heiles calibration method (apr01).
    - plots of  source tracks by declination across the dish.
    - az,za max sky velocity vs za.
     - lst by date , ast hour for 2006 (.ps) (.pdf)
     -Tsys  variation during azimuth swings with dome at 19 degrees.
        Tsys bumps every 120 degrees and the sun getting into the beam (26dec00).
    - 06may01 azimuth blown by wind while brakes are on.
    Fractional gain versus surface error by frequency (ruze curves).
    _pfg Atmospheric contribution to sky temp. Sky temp 1 to 15 Ghz.
    _lisa Plot of power of LO at first mixer. new and old cable (19apr02)
    _snezana and chris Frequency switching with AO telescope (03jun02)
    _24jul02 1.2 hz gain variation in xband rcvr from the crosshead.
    - 16jul04 tropical storm jeanne, wind speed and platform vertical oscillation frequencies.


Idl software documentation:
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