System performance

last monthly update: aug20

     The performance of the various receivers measured with the heiles calibration scans are listed by receiver and epoch. The plots show the average of polA and polB. There are 3 sets of plots: For receivers that cover a wide range of frequencies, the data will be plotted with all frequencies combined, and then by frequency.

For the alfa receiver the data is first plotted with all pixels together. The color is used to code the pixel number. After the combined plot there are 7 more plots showing each pixel by itself. For these plots the color is used to distinguish the source used.

There are sections that show the cumulative system performance and the system performance by month.

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Cumulative system performance
system performance by month.

cumulative number of scans by rcvr for last 12 months (.ps)    (.pdf)
check the flux of the calibration sources
System modification history:
Miscellaneous multi frequency measurements
    27feb18:Gain variations before/after hurricane maria.

System modification history:  (top)

This is a short list of changes that could affect the system performance. A more complete list can be found at system modification history.

Misc, multi-freq:   (top)

27feb18: Gain variations before/after hurricane maria.
13jan13: sysperf jun12-dec12. updated pointing offsets.
24mar12: gain vs freq and ruze curves (data mar11 thru mar12)
10mar09: gain vs frequency and the ruze curves show the surface errors.
14feb05: hpbw vs lambda (all rcvrs)  for data taken 2004
14feb05: hi frequency performance after reflector adjustments.