Gain curves.


Gain curve description, location, and code to evaluate the curves.
Plots of gain curves with all frequencies plotted together.

Gain curves by receiver:

327 receiver
430 dome.
430 ch
lband wide
lband narrow (removed)
sband narrow
sband wide/low (1.8-3 ghz)
sband high (3-4 ghz)
cband (4-6 ghz)
cband high (6-8 ghz)
xband (8-10 ghz)

327 receiver  (top)

430 dome.  (top)

430 carriage house.  (top)

Lband wide. (top)

Lband narrow  (no longer installed).  (top)

Sband narrow.  (top)

Sband wide/low.  (top)

Sband high (3-4 ghz).  (top)

Cband (4-6 ghz).  (top)

Cband hi (6-8 ghz).  (top)

Xband (8-10 ghz).  (top)

The plots were made using the idl routine gainget(az,za,freq,rcvNum,gainval).

processing: x101/calmrcvr/