Problems while observing

sept 2001

     This is an incomplete list of problems people have had while observing (actually it's a list of problems i've worked on and got around to documenting).

12dec05: 9 level wapp pulsar folding is doing the  9 level correction incorrectly.
17apr05 sband bistatic radar run had pointing problems.
31jan05: single Pol/channel setups for spectral line wapp observing only provides 1 polarization.
02aug04: ripples in lbw  around 1390,1400 Mhz. seen a1861(may04), p1914(aug04)
17jul03    ri glitches in digitzer Q1 (caused by fifo read pulse)
04apr03 slow drifts in polB sbc1,polA sbc4  gain using the interim correlator (resolved 01jun03)
14mar03 jumps in interim correlator sbc 2 power levels (resolved 01jun03.. see 04apr03 problem)
25nov02 100Mhz frequency reference unlocks.
14jun02 cband. polarized Tsys vs azimuth angle.
may02 lbw FAA radar harmonics when radar not within digital filter bandpass.
26dec01 large ripple in 430Mhz dome receiver.
10sep01 A1459  lband narrow baseline instabilities/ripples. 1350-1420Mhz(new air conditioner).
ripple in lband wide polB.

15sep01 Gain variation with temperature in cband,lbw,lbn.
12aug01 lbw tsys recovery time after dewar warmup.