430 Mhz Yagi calibration

may 2006

     A 430 Mhz yagi antenna is mounted on the carriage house uphill from the linefeed.




  • 15aug06: found the limiter switch after the first amp was burned out. Stuck in the  closed position. Replaced it. Looks like tsys drops to around 321K.
  • 10aug06: installed new low loss cable from frontend down to yagi. reduced Tsys. Remeasured cal (since new cable changed cal value). Old value was about 124K. new value is 88.83 K.
  • 01aug06: did a few crosses on 3C286 to check the new pointing offset.
  • 25jul06?: moved yagi closer to the line feed.
  • 22may06 fixed broken capacitor on 1 of yagi driving units. Remeasured cal values. The old values were off by a factor of 3!.
  • 23dec05: 430 yagi lowered by .406 meters to put it 3 meters below the paraxial surface.

  • Miscellaneous: