System temperature



  • Daily, yearly monitoring of the system temperature for all receivers (including alfa).
  • Alfa Tsys by month.

  • Tsys vs Freq for receivers:

        Tsys vs frequency was measured for various receivers using the high correlated cal and the mock spectrometer. The Tsys and cal value are plotted for each receiver.

    processing: x101/090612/

    TsysA/TsysB ratio !=1, 180 degree az period

  • Jun02 "polarized" Tsys vs azimuth using cband receiver.
  • Apr03: "polarized" Tsys vs az,za using lbw.
  • May03: "polarized" Tsys vs az,za using sbh.
  • Aug05:  "polarized tsys" in using the alfa receiver.

  • Miscellaneous:

  • jun08->may09: 327 Tsys vs sky position.
  • nov04 thru feb05: TsysA/TsysB for alfa observations.
  • lbw Tsys for 2002.
  •    Tsys for lbw was computed using the calibration scans taken during 2002. The temperature reported is (polA+polB)/2. The data is plotted by frequency. 2nd order polynomials were also fit to the data.
  • Fitting Tsys(za) using cal on/off data (apr00-jul00)

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