test rfi from filterBankBox in the screen Room



    The filter bank box for the 12meter will reside close the to the dewar in the 12meter hub. It contains various digital elements that cause rfi:

    Osvaldo placed the components of the filterbank in a huffman box and worked on the shielding:

   After the shielding work was complete, we  placed the huffman box in the screen room and ran some rfi tests to see how well it performed.


    The setup was:

Looking at the data

    The data for each measurement (lid open, lid closed) was first read in.
The  26 spectra. each of  10001 points,  300MHz span were concatenated into 1 large spectra.
The 10 sweep average was used for the plots.
    Plots were made from

The first plots show the average spectra across the band:

The 2nd plots show the spectra divided by the noise floor:

The 3rd plot shows the box rfi reduction for 230302 (1Gbit transceiver) (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/230303/fbank_rfi.pro, x101/230306/fbank_rfi.pro

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