HF tests on antenna


150504: tx1,2 low power into antennas. Monitor with 327 rcvr
    tx4 on dummy load
    tx1,2 on antenna:
        1 millisecond time resolution spectra
150514: tx6 on antenna
150526: tx6 on antenna. take data with alfa.
150527: tx6 on antenna. xmit 106kw, take data with alfa, lightning
150602: tx1,6 on antenna. xmit 100KW. take data alfa bm0, gr430.
150603:tx4,tx3 on antenna. tx4 trip reflected pwr,arcing, tx3 100KW with no bursts

150504: Tx1,2 low power. monitor with 327 rcvr.


The data:

    The plots shows the average spectra with the rf drive off and then on (.ps) (.pdf)

The dynamic spectra shows the rf drive on then off (.gif):


processing: x101/150504/hftest.pro

150506: 327 results with Tx1,Tx2 on antenna and tx4 on load   (top)


327 spectra with tx4 on dummy load

The 1st dynamic spectra shows the 2647 seconds of data with tx4 on dummy load (.gif)
The 2nd dynamic spectra is a blowup showing the first 800 seconds (.gif)

327 receiver with tx1,2 on antenna 

the first dynamic spectra (file 300)  has 1229 seconds of data while the rf drive was turned on tx1,tx2 (.gif)

    The plot shows the spectra around second 1060 (when the rf drive went to -15dbm) (.ps) (.pdf):

The 2nd set of 327 dynamic spectra shows the rf drive being turned on,off for tx1,2 (.gif)

broad band glitches at 1 millisecond resolution

    High time resolution (1 millisecond) spectral data  was taken with the mock spectrometer and the 327 rcvr while broadband glitches were occurring using tx1 on antenna.


The dynamic spectra shows the occurrence of the glitches (.gif)
The 1st plots show the total power vs time at 1 millliseconds resolution (.ps) (.pdf):
The 2nd set of plots shows the spectra (abs(fft)) of the total power (.ps) (.pdf)

Summary 150506 327 rcvr:

processing: x101/150506/hf327.pro

150514: tx6 on antenna, 430 gr taking data  (top)

    On 150514 we put tx6 on antenna with the 430 dome taking data..


The dynamic spectra shows the last 300 seconds of data taken (.gif):
The plots show spectral and harmonic strength (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/150514/hftest.pro

150526: tx1 on antenna, take data with alfa  (top)

the dynamic spectra shows that last 600 seconds of the tx6 xmit (.gif)
the plots show the strength of the total power and the spectra (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/150526/tx6ant.pro

150527 tx6 xmit 100KW on ant, record data with alfa bm 0 (top)

    We took data with alfa while transmitting on antenna with tx 6. The setup was:

The first set of plots shows alfa data with tx6 transmitting and the azimuth at 360 degrees (.ps) (.pdf)
The second set of data shows when we  moved from az 360 to 240, and then sat at 240 (.ps) (.pdf)
the final  plots show the total power,spectra, and stw when lightning caused the power failure (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/150527/hftest_1.pro, hftest_2.pro

150602: tx1, tx6 on antenna. xmit 100KW, tx4 fil delay problem (top)

tx1 on antenna. xmit 100KW

the plots show the mock data while transmitting on tx1 (.ps) (.pdf)

tx4 stuck in filament delay

    transmitter wouldn't leave filament delay

tx6 on antenna. xmit 100 kw

    With tx on antenna we first took data with alfa bm0. xmitting up to 100 KW.
the plots show alfa bm0 data while xmitting on tx6 (.ps) (.pdf)

tx6 430 dome receiver. Strength of  harmonics

    the plots show the 430 dome signal while transmitting with tx6 (.ps) (.pdf)

  the last plot is a dynamic spectra of the 9 minutes of gr430 data (.gif)


processing:x101/150602/hftest_1.pro, hftest_2.pro

150603: tx4,tx3 on antenna  (top)

    We transmitted on tx4 and then tx3 while on antenna. The setup was:


The plots show the alfa data was transmitting with tx4 (.ps) (.pdf):


    The plots show the total power vs time while we transmitted with tx3 on antenna (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/150603/hftest_1.pro,hftest_2.pro

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