02nov11: 6 ant on sky for 8hrs

testing sequence
rf synth levels and totpwr from ch/dome rcvr for  run
output power vs dbf drive.
tx meter values recorded.
tube monitor port plots
comparing the tube monitor port outputs
azimuth and zenith angle dependence of the noise bursts.


     We ran with 6 antennas on sky from 15:30 to 23:30 on 02nov15. Power was 70 to 90KW.

Testing sequence: (top)

rf synth levels and totpwr from ch receiver. (top)

     The log file from the gui driving the rfsynth was input and plotted  vs hour of day.  The  plots contain:

Plots were made of the entire run, and then blowups  when certain things happened:
processing: x101/151102/hfsynlog.pro

Output power vs dbf drive.

    The output power vs rf drive (db below full scale) was plotted as each transmitter was brought up (.ps) (.pdf)
processing: x101/151102/dbfvscplr.pro

tx meter values recorded.

tube monitor ports. (top)

Azimuth, zenith angle dependence of receiver noise.

    We've seen noise bursts getting into the ch and dome receivers from the hf transmitters.
za and azimuth swings were done to see if there is a spatial dependence to this noise.

Telescope motion:

computing the total power:
The plots show the za,az dependence of the noise bursts (.ps) (.pdf)
The plots show that the noise bursts are repeating with azimuth and even za.
processing: x101/151103/bursts.pro

Summary (top)

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