april 03

IfLo Block diagrams:
hp3488 bit usage in downstairs IF2
Bill Sisk's iflo documentation]
List of some problems we've had (not complete)
Dana's pdev/wapp splitter (components, channel list)

Power levels, compression

190222: polA,B phase difference  vs freq using lbw.
190111_iflo_sbc2_cables.html190111: loose cable in polA, subband2, downstairs if/lo.
170310: RF,IF attenuators. description, switching times, and ifAttnPOlB problem
12dec16: polB  if1 attenuator fails
    Solution: see 170310.. problem was bent pin in cable.
12jun15: upstairs first lo switches from 1hz to  1Khz resolution
09sep12  2ndlo synthesizers 1-4 hang up. Remain at fixed frequency till 11sep12
05sep12   atm power profiles show cal dropouts. cal multiplexer receiver chip?
22jun11: IF2 rack polB +5volt power supply failed.
27nov06 check the linearity of the programmable gain in the downstairs IF2
26oct06: lbw cable test with upstairs iflo shows loose cable in  750 Mixer chassis.
05sep03: increasing the isolation for monitor port 1A in the downstairs IFLO.
23apr03: Poor isolation in the downstairs iflo monitor ports.

Documentation (manuals)
hp87130a switch driver (upstairs if1).

See also:
Alfa if/lo diagrams 


In developement:

Wideband if/lo


UDC schematic (.pdf)
Dana's 12meter if insertion in the standard system (version 2: 23ap10)(.pdf)

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