p3094: position switching using lbw.



    p3094 did 300 sec on/off position switching  covering all of lbw using the wapp spectrometers (it also used puppi for fast dumping).
data was taken on:

161019: 300 sec position switching.

    On,off position switch data was taken 3:00 to 5:00 am (AST).

The setup was:

Processing the data:

Plotting the data:

    There were 9 on/off pairs  of data taken on source.
Each wapp band is plotted in a different color.

Average 300 sec on scan spectra (.ps) (.pdf):

300 sec On/off position switched averages (.ps) (.pdf)

rms/mean by channel for each on scan (.ps) (.pdf)

The orbits of the GNS constellation during this period (.ps)   (.pdf)

The angle between the satellites and the pointing direction for the AO telescope (.ps) (.pdf)

Dynamic spectra of scan 54: 04:43:51 ast

Dynamic spectra were made of the on source scan (300 1 sec records). The processing was:

dynamic spectra bands 1,2,3 (.gif)

dynamic spectra bands 4,5,6,8 (.gif)

Identifying the rfi:

161019: Summary:

processing: x101/161019/frb.pro