anritsu mg3692c synthesizer


09jun15: rfi measured in screen room
12jun15: rfi measures in turret room. opening closing lo cabinet doors with anritsu on,off

  The anritsu mg3692c is a 10MHz to 20Ghz synthesizer that was purchased to replace the hp83712 20GHz synthesizer used as the upstairs first lo.


09jun14 anrit3692c in screen room

   We measured the rfi from the anritsu mg3692c synthesizer on 09jun12 in the screen room.

The setup was:

The Data scans:

The plots for each dataset have 2 pages


processing: x101/rfi/miscdevice/mg3692c/

150612: measure rfi in dome from close lo cabinet

    We installed the anritsu mg3692c synthesizer in the lo racks in the dome on 12jun15. It was going to be used as the first LO.
The rfi from the anritsu was measured in the screen room (see above). We needed to know if the if/lo shielded cabinets gave enough isolation to not bother regular observations with the anritsu emissions.

To test this our setup was:
The results:
    the first image is a dynamic spectra of 480 seconds of data (.gif)
    The 2nd set of plots shows the spectral strength (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/150612/
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