190603:hf test


What we did
hf output power
    output power vs time
    output power vs drive power.
generator power vs hf power
plasma line movies.


What we did:

HF output power

Plots showing hf tx drive and output power (.ps) (.pdf)

Measuring rf power levels close to cables under the dish.

    On 22may19 we found a trolley td cable under the dish (close to td12) arcing. Using the rf meter, the trolley d cable had about 50mw/cm^2. Other dish/trolley td cables had fields of less that 1mw/cm^2
On 03jun19 luis and i checked the field strength for a  number of cables under the dish. If a cable had a high field, it might arc.

Other rf field measurements:

2 tone test

Generator power vs hf output.

    The data from the 3 running generators was used to measure how much generator power was needed to drive the 6 hf transmitters.

Generator output power vs hf output power (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/190603/hf_190603.pro

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