Looking for source of arcing

what we know
03dec15 looking for arcs under the dish.


     We've seen broadband rf bursts in the gregorian dome receivers when the hf transmitters are on.  We've seen the bursts in all of the receivers we used to look for them (more info). We do not think the arcing is occurring in the transmitters or heliax lines  (see below)

    During the nov15 hf run, the problem was bad enough that we had to limit the transmitted power so the arcing would not contaminate the 430 Mhz data (we never got rid of it completely).

What we know

    Most of the following tests were done with the ch and dome 430 Mhz receiver:

03dec15: looking for arcs under the dish.

  We searched  for sources of arcing under the dish on 03dec15. The setup was:     Mike and i went under the  dish to search for the arc. We tried using:

What we found

We then decided to characterize the 5 mhz field strengths as we turned on, off various dipoles.  The measurement sequence was:


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