SICK DL100 distomat


28aug14: rfi measured using lbw.
31jul14: rfi measured in the screen room

  The sick dl100 distomat is being tested to replace the current sent of distomats used to measure the platform height.


28aug14: rfi measured using lbw.

    The dl100 distomat was installed next to distomat 6 on the edge of the bowl. lband wide was then used to check for rfi while the dl100 was running.


The image shows the dynamic spectra  while the dl100 was cycled on,off (.gif)

The plots show the strength of the birdie (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/140828/

31jul14 distomat  in screen room

   Luis measured the emissions of the sick dl100 distomat on 31jul14 in the screen room..

The setup was:

The plots:

    The plots show the emissions from the device (.ps 6mb) (.pdf 2mb)


processing: x101/rfi/miscdevice/sickdl100_140731/

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