softek ivu loto machine


   The softek ivu loto machine is located in the visitors center (store and hot dog stand). It had also been in Carmen Torres office. This device interfaces with a cash register and sends the into to the government. 
    Luis checked this device in the screen room on 15oct12.

    Other ivu loto machines:

15oct12: softek ivu loto emissions in the screen room:

   Luis measured the emissions of the softek ivuloto device in the screen room on 15oct12.

Luis' setup and results (.pdf)

The setup was:

    There were two ivu loto devices (called 1 and 2). For each device, Luis measured a complete set of spectra at two positions.

The plots:

    The plots show the emissions from the devices.


processing: x101/rfi/miscdevice/ivuloto_softek_121015/

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