180926:hf test


What we did
hf output power
    output power vs time
    output power vs drive power.
generator power vs hf power
Rise time delay through transmitter
plasma line movies.



What we did:

HF output power

Plots showing hf tx drive and output power (.ps) (.pdf)

Generator power vs hf output.

    The data from the 3 running generators was used to measure how much generator power was needed to drive the 5 then 6 hf transmitters.

Generator output power vs hf output power (.ps) (.pdf)

TX risetime,delay

    The rise time, delay through tx1 was measured. The setup was:

    We set the oscilloscope to single trigger on the rising edge of channel one. We then used the rf on/off button on the srs siggen to turn the 8.175 MHz sine wave on.

The plots show the delay from siggen output to tx1 rf coupler ouput (.ps) (.pdf)

Plasma line movies


processing: x101/180919/hf_180926.pro

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