New Orion Weather station rainfall problems


tap test
compare Orion withy usgs site (210113 - 210215)
compare Orion with AO manual rain gauge 210112-210216)
compare Orion tipping bucket with orion rain sensor (210309-210509)

Daily log of a subset of the data(after 13jan21)

Orion logiles:

AO Orion weather station page

Note: the orion sensor used for these measurements was replaced on 11may21 with a spare sensor (more info)


    The weather station on the platform failed on 01dec20 when the platform collapsed. We purchased the same Orion weather station. It was  installed  on the roof of the lidar lab (about 1000 ft north of the previous site) on 13jan21.  The configuration was similar to the old weather station (15 second logging of data).

    After a few large rains, we noticed that the rainfall reported by the Orion station did not match the local manual measurement of the rainfall. The manual measurement used a tipping rain gauge that is measured each morning at 6:00 ast by the guards. Its dipping stick has a resolution of .02 inches (need to check).

    We also looked at the recorded rainfall  from  a nearby  usgs rain gauge 

    As part of checking out the Orion station we did a tap test on the sensor using the eraser end of a pencil.

Tap Test

    On 9Feb21 we did a tap test on the Orion rain sensor.  This should generate rainfall in the sensor. Using the erase end of a pencil we :

Plot showing results of the tap test (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/wst/test/

Comparing with tanama site

    The usgs has  weather station located near utuado on the rio tanama river (same river that flows by AO).
 The station location:

    I downloaded the 15 minute data from 13jan21 through 15Feb21 and compared it with the AO data. To keep the plot size smaller, i averaged the AO 15 second data to 1 minute samples.

The plot compares the two sets of rainfall data (.ps)   (.pdf)

processing: x101/wst/test/

Comparing aoTipper with Orion

    There is a manual tipping rainfall gauge at the AO gate. The guards read this every morning at 6:00 ast. The dip stick has a resolution of about .02 inches. It is located less than 1000 ft from the Orion station.
    The tipper data is  a single value. It contains data from 6:00 on a day to 6:00 on the following day.

The plot compares the Orion data with the AO tipper (.ps) (.pdf)

Comparing the AO tipper with the Orion weather station shows that the Orion weather station is not working correctly. The sensors are so close together that spatial variability can not account for this.
processing: x101/wst/test/

210510:Orion rain sensor & tipping bucket

    On 9mar21 we installed  an orion tipping bucket next to the orion rain sensor. This is a loaner that we can use to debug discrepancies with the rain sensor values.
    The complete orion log files 9mar21 thru 9may21 (logfiles) were used to compare the readings. Data is recorded at 1 minute intervals.

    The first plot compares the daily rainfall for the rain sensor and the tipping bucket (.ps) (.pdf)

The 2nd  plot compares the orion sensor, bucket, and the ao tipping bucket (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/wst/test/,


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