may21-feb22 compare rain sensors


Comparing the sensors.

    The orion rain sensor was replaced on 11may21  with a spare sent from orion. Rain data from 12may21 through 06feb22 was used to compare the rain sensor with the orion tipping bucket. Both of these devices are installed on the orion system located on  the lidar lab roof. They are read simultaneously.

    Data is read from the orion system every 15 seconds. It includes data from the rain sensor and the tipping bucket. The  rainToday(2) values was used to compare the 2 devices. The maximum value from each day was used as the daily rainfall. Data from 12may21 through 06feb22 was used: 270 days. 5 days were excluded because of bad readings (mainly power outages). This left us with 265 days of data.

    The plots compare the results from the 2 sensors (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/wst/test/

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