rfi from dewar monitoring box in scrn room

230111: tests with box as delivered
230328: tests after osvaldo worked on making the box rfi tight.


    The 12meter wideband receiver has a dewar monitoring box that will be located close to the antenna. The rfi emitted from the box was tested  in the screen room prior to mounting in on the 12m.

230111: initial testing in the screen room.

    The box was located in the screen room for testing. We looked at the box as delivered by hamdi.


Looking at the data

    The data for each measurement (lid open, lid closed) was first read in.
The  26 spectra of  10001 points,  300MHz span were concatenated into 1 large spectra.
The 10 sweep average was used for the plots.

    The first  plots show the spectra  (.ps) (.pdf)

    The 2nd plots show the spectra divided by them smoothed noise floor (.ps) (.pdf)



processing: x101/230111/dwmon_rfi.pro

28mar23: after Osvaldo worked on the box

    The same tests were done on 28mar23 after Osvaldo made changes to the huffman box.


    The setup and acquisition was identical to the 11jan23 measurements

Looking at the data:

    The first plots show the averaged spectra with the box open and closed (.ps)  (.pdf)

    The 2nd plots show the spectral density normalized to the noise floor of the field fox (.ps)  (.pdf)

processing: x101/230328/rfidwmon/dwmon_rfi.pro


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