230627 xband rfi at 9112 MHz



    On 27jun23 a4005 was doing 5 min on,offs looking for hc3n. The upper part of the bandpass was oscillating with  aperiod of about .5 Hz.
On 29jun23 i took some more data looking at this problem.


A4005 data from 27jun23

The first plot shows the 5 min on/off for file number 900-1200 on G351 (.ps) (.pdf)

The dynamic spectra shows the 300 1 sec spectra of file 900 polA  (.jpeg)

processing: x101/230627/xbrfi.pro

230629 test data.

    On 230629 i took some  test xband data to look at the problem. I decreased the spectral dump time to .1  seconds.

The setup was:
The first plots show the avg spectra and rms/mean for the 2 bands (.ps) (.pdf)

The dynamic spectra show the 300 secs of data for the two freq bands

9103 PolA (.jpg)
8900 PolA (.jpg)
8900 PolB (.jpg)

the next plots have the total power spectra for the 2 bands (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/230629/xbrfi.pro


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