Trcvr after dewar mods

2-14 GHz with field fox preamp off
4-14 GHz with field fox preamp on.
Compare Tflange before (jan23) dewar changes with after dewar changes (23mar23)

Jan23 measurements:

25jan23 :2 to 14 GHz, pol X,Y with preamp off
31jan23  :4 to 14 GHz, pol Y with preamp on.


    The receiver temperature (flange temperature) was initially measured for the cooled qrfh system at the antenna test building on:
    Some modifications were then made to the dewar (cal sma cables replaced with stainless steel cable).
The dewar was then remeasured on 31mar31 at the antenna test range.

    This page shows the 31mar31 measurements as well as a comparison with the earlier measurements.



    There were 2 sets of measurements.. 2-14 then 4 to 14 GHz

    For each set:

Plotting the results:

2-14 GHz fieldfox preamp off

    The plots show the results of the postamp off measurements (.ps) (.pdf)


Pol Y field fox preamp on.

    We redid the measurements with polY with the field fox preamp on. This was to compare what we had measured in jan23.

    The plots show the results of the 31jan23 measurements (.ps) (.pdf)
The field fox setup was similar to the preamp off, except the span was 4 to 14 GHz.

Processing: x101/230331/

Compare Tflange before, after dewar changes.

    The flange temperature before (jan23) and after (mar23) the dewar modifications to see if anything had changed.

    the plots show the tflange comparison (.ps)  (.pdf)

processing: x101/230331/


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