Treceiver for wideband cooled rcvr


25jan23 :2 to 14 GHz, pol X,Y with preamp off
31jan23  :4 to 14 GHz, pol Y with preamp on.


    The receiver temperature (flange temperature) was measured for the cooled qrfh system at tthe antenna test building:



    There were 3 sets of measurements:

    For each set:

Plotting the results:

    The plots show the results of the measurements (.ps) (.pdf)


31jan23 : measure polY with 20db field fox preamp on

    The 25jan23 measurements from 2 to 14GHz had the fieldfox preamp off (leaving it on gave a/d overange errors from the strong birdies around 2.5 GHz.
On 31jan23 the observations were repeated (using only PolY) with:

    We redid the polY measurements with:

    The acquisition was similar to 25jan (avg 10 sweeps, repeat 10 times at each setup).

    The plots show the results of the 31jan23 measurements (.ps) (.pdf)

Processing: x101/230125/


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