Compare the controller track Array and ramp modes


    The 12meter controller software (provided by mark Godwin) has two different modes that can be used to track objects:

Doing pointing crosses with TrackArray and Ramps:

    A number of crosses were done to get data for  a pointing model for the telescope.
A cross consists of:

The first plots show a cross using trackArray (.ps) (.pdf):
The 2nd plots show a cross using Ramps (.ps) (.pdf):

Track array accelerates and overshoots at the end of  each strip:

Ramp mode does not have an overshoot problem:

    The ramp blowup at the end of the azimuth strip shows that there are no overshoots
Drawbacks to ramp  mode:
processing: svn/aosoft/p12m/chkout/trArRampCompare_dec14/,

Ps: i'd like to thank ed himwich and mark godwin for straightening me out on how ramp mode works....

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