2380 MHz rfi


09aug15: azimuth swings showing direction for peak
05sep15:look to see if rfi created in our if/lo.


  sband radar has been noticing occasional rfi centered on 2380 MHz.

05sep15: See if rfi created in our if/lo.

    There is very strong rfi above 2400 MHz (the ism band). If the 2380 MHz rfi was created in our if/lo (as an intermod or a harmonic), you would expect the location of the rfi to be a function of where the "creating rfi" was located in the if/lo band. If you changed the center of the if/lo band, the location of the intermod/harmonic should move in frequency,

    On 05sep15 i looked to see if the 2380 MHz rfi moved in frequency as i shifted the center of the if/lo band.
The plots show the location of the 2380 MHz rfi as i changed the if/lo settings (.ps)  (.pdf):



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