sbn azswings 09aug15


    sband radar experiments has seen intermittent rfi around 2380 MHz. I've also seen this when doing the x102 runs with sband. On 09aug15 2 azimuth swings were done to look at the rfi. the setup was:
Processing the data:
I also made total power plots vs azimuth averaging over the main rfi blocks (.ps) (.pdf)


rfi block
az Peaks
2357.5 - 2367.6
130.. but lots of other peaks
unknown. haven't found a legal license for this freq in pr..
2373 - 2390.8
az peak 276.7
probably yiyi's tower
20 MHz Wide
center tone:2382 very strong
most likely a harmonic or intermod

peak 322, lots of power at 185
moved up to 2400 on 10aug15
this was coming from yiyi's tower back in 2011


processing: x101/150809/

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