lbw 1419.963, 1667.957 MHz birdies


27may13: azswings
28may13: birdie strength  vs za



  Project a2767 reported  narrow band rfi near 1419.963 and 1667.957 MHz. Their setup used a 1.5 Khz resolution channels. The 1419 MHz birdie was stronger than the 1667 MHz birdie.

27may13: azswings:

On 27may13 azimuth swings were done to see if there was any azimuth dependence to the birdies. The setup was:

The dynamic spectra show the rfi as a function of azimuth:

freq Band

Cw spin
CCw spin
Cw spin
CCw spin
Cw spin
CCw spin

Dynamic spectrum notes:

The plots show the average spectra as well as the azimuth dependence of the birdies: (.ps) (.pdf)
These birdies are generated in the mock boxes at baseband. (39 and 78 Khz from DC).


processing: x101/130509/,

28may13: 1419 birdie vs za

    On 28may13 the 1419.963 MHz birdie strength was measured  vs za. the setup and processing was:

The plots show the birdie strength vs za (for az=285) (.ps) (.pdf):
processing: x101/130528/

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