wideband rfi in alfa during galfacts



    Galfacts (a2130) reported rfi during their run on 14feb13 (and into the morning of 15feb13). Their setup is:
The first plots show the total power cal deflections for the 1450 band (averaged over the 172 MHz centered at 1450) (.pdf)

The dynamic spectra show spectral density for polA, calOff data for file 0955 (.gif):

The next plot show the .2 second averaged spectra for seconds 27 thru 28.8 of file 955 (.ps) (.pdf)
These plots show bm0 polA  total power vs time and za  for files 950 thru 986 (.ps) (.pdf)

The final plots look at how close the gps satellites were to the dome during the rfi (.ps) (.pdf)

SUMMARY:what is it.

processing: x101/130214/galfactsprob.pro

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