1357.2 rfi


    A2335 (gass) reported rfi at 1357.28 MHz on 14mar11. They did not see it on their 10mar11 run. Their setup was:
The first plot shows a2335 14mar11 data (.ps) (.pdf):

During the day of 14mar11 azimuth swings:  clockwise (CW) and then counter clockwise (CCW) were done to check the azimuth dependence of the 1357.2 MHz rfi.
The setup was:
The data processing was:
Dynamic spectra of the azswings (about the 1357.2 MHz rfi) (.gif):
The plots show the rfi amplitude vs az, time , and frequency (.ps) (.pdf):
processing: x101/110314/a2335_rfi1357.pro, lbwazswing.pro