10apr03 lbw pulsar jump




    On 10apr2003 p1734 (desh and Joanna) was taking pulsar data in search mode using the wapps. When the B1855+02 data was processed, they saw a jump in the pulsar phase around pulsar period 600. This jump in phase continued till the end of the 450 sec scan.

    To check if this was an instrumental problem or inherent to the pulsar i:


I used the radar mods that were present at 1151 MHz (2 channels wide).

Looking at the data

The first plot shows the spectra and total power vs time for the intermods (.ps) (.pdf)

The 2nd image shows the total power at 1151MHz for the entire 450 secs of the scan (.jpeg)

The 3rd set plots the data as 12.024 sec rotation periods of the radar (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/230729/rankinmode.pr0

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