1375 rfi nov09

    Rfi has been reported near 1375 MHz since sep09. An azimuth swing was done on 07oct09 to see if it was outside the dome. High resolution data was taken on 06nov09 to check the rfi stability.


    The 1374.988 Mhz birdie was coming from a STRIDE 100 Mbit 5 port ethernet switch that had been installed on the top chord of the platform (by the weather station). It had been mounted inside a plastic box. on 20nov09 it was turned off.


Az swings:

    The plots show the results from the azimuth swings (.ps) (.pdf):
    The 20 KHz channel centered at 1374.9897 is plotted vs azimuth. The data is plotted vs Tsys. Black is the clockwise az swing while  red is the counter clock wise spin.

Hi resolution spectra:

    The plots shows the high resolution spectra and channel power vs time (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/091007/azswing.pro, x101/091106/rfi1375.pro