1340 tone 


    A narrow tone has been present at 1340 MHz for a long time. Dana mentioned that it was probably leakage from the 1340 lo that the radar blanker (on the platform) uses to mix 1330,1350 down to a 10 MHz IF before sending it down to the control room.

28sep10: Turning the radar blanker on,off

    On 28sep10 we turned the radar blanker on,off while taking data
    The plots show the results of the 1340 birdie test (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/091028/birdie1340

01oct10: checking 1340 birdie after radar blanker gasket changed.

    On 01oct10 the gasket in the huffman box used the radar blanker was replaced (it was corroded).
The setup was:
The plots show the birdie after changing the conducting gasket (.ps) (.pdf):
processing: x101/101001/chk1340.pro