Blackmore Sensors lidar survey



How i think the fmcw lidar measures distance
may18 survey

4Ghz scan from AO9

Lining up aberration features with features on the dish

Blackmore presentations/reports:


    Blackmore sensors makes an FMCW lidar that can be used to scan areas. We are exploring using this scanner to measure the dish surface accuracy. If it works, this would greatly simplify the data acquisition. Previous measurements used  photogrammetry  from the towers. Photogrammetry entailed:

    The unknown is whether the blackmore scanner could reach the required resolution. After the last photogrammetry survey/adjustment/survey, the rms surface error was measured to be about 2.2 mm. So we would ideally like sub mm resolution.

The May18 survey

     Blackmore sensors surveyed  the primary reflector and telescope with their FMCW lidar scanner 22-24 may18

What was done:


22may18 - visitor center balcony measurements

23may18 - road between anchor 4 and gate to river.

24may18  - AO9 and visitor center.

Some pictures from scanner location looking toward dish

From visitors  center balcony
Looking south
left half
right half
from t4 anchor - gate to river road
looking north

left half
right half

    The pictures show the parts of the dish that have been cleaned.

Some numeric values need for registration:

see also: /share/megs/survey/180521

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