31may16: 6 ant on sky @ 80KW

testing sequence
rf synth levels and totpwr from ch rcvr for entire run
ch spectral plots and dynamic spectra
plotting rf drive and total power output for entire run.


     We ran with 6 antennas on sky at 70 to 85 KW. Testing  went from 9:30 to 12: to 12:10 am  on 31may16.

Testing sequence:

rf synth levels and totpwr from ch receiver.

     The log file from the gui driving the rfsynth was input and plotted  vs hour of day.  The  plots contain:

Synlog and ch power (.ps) (.pdf):

carriage house spectra and dynamic spectra

over plotting the spectra:

   25 MHz 1sec dump spectra were taken with the interim correlator during the entire run.
The long range receivers were selected.

ch spectra 11.8 to 12.2 hours (.pdf)

dynamic spectra 10.7 to 12.2  hours

    The first image shows the dynamic spectra scaled to 5 sigma (.gif)

rf drive and output power. tx output stability.

    The rf drive  and total output power (KW) where plotted for the 3 hour run (ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/160527/hf_160531.pro

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