siggen programming



    The siggen program can control up to 3 keysight signal generators.  It was first used for the nov18 hf campaign. It replaced the autotoggle function from the original hf gui (the autotoggle timebase drifted the longer you used it).

    The program allows for the synchronization of the hf and 430 pulses to the micro second level (ignoring pathlength differences). To do this:

The files used by the siggen program

   There are 3 types of files used by the the siggen program. They are all ascii files.

    A command file might:

Command files

    The siggen recognizes the following commands in a command file:

Command file commands.
set var value
set freq1 "5.095e6"
set a variable to a value
config sgnum file params
config 1 chirpcw.cfg freq1=$freq1
calla config file
arb sgnum chan load arbnm
                              seq filename
arb 1 1 h5msl5ms h50 l50
arb 1 1 clr
arb 1 1 seq chirpcw.seq
load state in gen
clr states,seq in gen
load seq in gen
syncsec tmBefore
syncsec .9
return .9 secs before next tick
waitfor hhmmss tmBefore
waitfor 162100 .9
wait for 16:21:00 return .9 secs before.
startsg sgnum chan type  dur
startsg 1 1 burst 1000
start a burst setup. end after 1000 secs
waitsg tmBefore
waitsg .5
come back .5 secs before last startsg finishes
delay secs
delay 5.3
wait for 5.3 seconds
log "string"
log "start h3252"
send string to log file
terminp prompt
terminp "switch to xmode"
lets you put a delay in a command file.
When ready you must enter the string "go"
on sgnum chan
on 1 1
turn on output for channel on siggen
off sgnum chan
off 1 1
turn off output for channel on siggen
send sgnum string
send 1 SOURCE1:FUNC arb
send scpi command to generator.
no reply allowed

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