13sep16: hf rogowski coil then 8.175 MHz

What we did
transmitted power
rogowski coil measurement
transmitting 8.175 MHz into open output switch open port

What we did:

Transmitted power

    The plots show the transmitted power during the testing (.ps) (.pdf):

Rogowski coil at 5.129 MHzMhz


Voltage output by rogowski coil

The plots show the scope trace for each measurement (.ps) (.pdf)

 Currents in cables

   Using the rogowski coil calibration sheet, dana computed:

8.175 MHz into open port

   11:30 to 11:50 we started to bring up the tx at 8.175 MHz. The output rf switch had been plumbed incorrectly.

    We then switched tx1 and tx 2 to antenna. They were brought up to about 20 KW and left there for about 20 minu


processing: x101/160913/process_day.pro, getrogowski.pro

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