220830: xb check horizon mask after brush cleared.



    On 12aug22 azimuth swings at low elevation were done to determine the horizon mask for  geodetic vlbi observations. We found that some bushes/trees were increasing Tsys at low elevation. Maintenance cut down the trees/bushes that were causing this. On 30aug22 the az swings at low elevation were repeated to see the improvement of Tsys at low elevation.
Some rfi info from the azimuth swings can be found (here).


Processing the data"

Looking at the data:

    The first set of plots show the Tsys vs azimuth for the 3 azimuth swings for each frequency band (.ps) (.pdf)

The 2nd plot is a blowup around the 12aug22 azimuth bumps (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/220830/horazswing.pro

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