2206_07 saturation mapping Cygnus

220608 map
dynamic spectra
jun-jul7 occurrence  of saturation


    A group (sscontin) is doing xband maps with the 12meter in the Cygnus region.  The maps are using the hardware winking cal. In jun22 they reported a problem with the map data. They saw  dips in the total power along strips of the map. and their guess was that there was an issue in the software extraction of  the calon,offs.

   I looked at the maps taken on 8jun22 with the reported data. I then examined all 2x2 deg maps taken jun-jul22


    The mapping project has the following setup:

Looking at the 08jun22 map

    The first plots show the data from the 8jun22 map (.ps) (.pdf)

Dynamic spectra for strip 0 of the 8jun22 map

    The image shows the dynamic spectra for strip0 of the 8jun22 map (.png)

How often does the rfi occur?

    All 2x2 maps taken 08jul22 thru 16jul22 were examined (39 2x2 maps) to see how often the rfi occurs.

    The plots show how often the rfi occurred (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/220608/mapsygsaturation.pro,cygmapst.pro

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