220322: azswings using the sband receiver



    On 11mar22 the new sband filter was installed in the postamp chassis in the pedestal. The sband inputs to the postamp chassis were connected (with no pads at the input). This allowed us to take data with the sband system without saturating the sband receiver chain.
    On 22mar22 3 azimuth swings were done with the sband receiver to look at the azimuth dependence of the rfi.


Processing the data"

Looking at the data:

 Dynamic spectra

  The table below contains the dynamic spectra for the 3 azimuth. For each swing a high and low sensitivity image is made.

low sensitivity
1 (CW)
2 (CCW)
.png .png
3 (CW)
.png .png

rms/mean and peak hold spectra, saturation.

 the plot shows the rms/mean by channel for the spectra taken in the first azimuth swing (.ps) (.pdf)

    The 2nd plot looks for saturation of the signal (.ps) (.pdf)

plotting individual rfi birdies vs azimuth 

    The plot shows the azimuth dependence of various birdies (.ps)  (.pdf)


processing: x101/220322/sbazswing.pro

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