220311:Sband spectra with new filter installed



    On 11mar22 the new sband filter was installed in the postamp chassis in the pedestal. The sband inputs to the postamp chassis were connected (with no pads at the input). The field fox spectrum analyzer (SA) was used to measure the spectra in the postamp chassis (polB mainly)n starting around 9:35 ast.. During these measurements, the xband input to the postamp chassis was terminated in 50 ohms (this only affected the total power into the FO xmiter. The spectra at the output of the FO rcvr were also measured (later in the day).

The spectra:

Postamp chassis spectra

 The first plots show the sband spectra at the postamp chassis (.ps)  (.pdf)

Equivalent noise Temperature at input to FO tx

Fiber Optic rcvr output spectra

    The 2nd set of spectra were taken downstairs at the output of the fiber optic rcvr (.ps)  (.pdf)


processing: x101/220311/sbpwr12m.pro

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