221002:Dispersive signal seen in sband polA pulsar obs



    After making the oct22 movie of the pulsar observations dynamic spectra, a  dispersive signal was seen on 02oct22  in polA while looking at B1641-45. It was not seen in polB. The  the dispersive signal started around 15:03 ast.

The data:

dynamic spectra for B1641-45 for 02oct22  (.jpeg)

Blowup of 1st 400 seconds of  dynamicspectr (.gif)

Plots of spectra for 1st 100 seconds (.ps) (.pdf)


When Tsys vs freq  was plotted for the 90 second pulsar cal files taken during oct22 (more info

We could blame this problem on the sband polA receiver. But:

total power changes vs freq with xband across 1 Ghz.


processing: x101/221002/pulsarsig.pro

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