19sep21 monitoring xb spectra for 12 hrs



We received the xband waveguide transition to help diagnose problems with the feed/lna's. Prior to this debugging
i  reran the xband monitoring of the receiver to see what problems still existed (last runs were 01/21 jul21. The total power results can be found  here.
    This page plots some spectra and standing waves.

    During data collection there was lots of rain and lightning throughout the night.

Processing the data

Plotting the spectra.

    The  first plots show the average spectra  (.ps) (.pdf) :


Tracking the location of the ripple with the acf

     A sine wave in the spectra is a spike in the acf (autocorrelation function). To track the location of the peak in the acf:

The plots show the results of the gauss fit to the acf vs hour of day (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: x101/210919/xbspc.pro


processing: x101/210919/xbspcrfi.pro

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