19sep21 monitoring xb rcvr for 12 hrs (lots of rain)



   We received the xband waveguide transition to help diagnose problems with the feed/lna's. Prior to this debugging
i  reran the xband monitoring of the receiver to see what problems still existed (last runs were 01/21 jul21.

    On 19sep21 the xband receiver was monitored for 12hours. The setup was

Processing the data

Total power vs time, temp

    The total power vs time  for the entire 17 hour session was plotted:

The total power vs hour of day with temp (.ps)    (.pdf)

The second plot shows the Tsys vs pedestal temperature (.ps) (.pdf)

  • Top: median (over the 7 freq bands)  total power vs hour of day.
    • The green curve is the temperature over plotted on the curve (scaled to fit)
  • Bottom: linear fit total power vs temp.
    • solid lines: total power vs temp
    • dashed lines: linear fit
    • black polA, red polB
    • The fit is just for show.. because of the large tsys change from the rain, the fit is no longer just fitting the electronic gain change.

blowup total power vs time

    total power vs time blowup (.pdf)


processing: x101/210919/xbmontp.pro

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