01jul21 monitoring xb rcvr for 19 hrs



   The  polB 20db xband hub amplifier had a problem with the power connection. Both of the 20db xband hub amplifiers were replaced on
29jun21 with 2 11.5 db amplifiers. The short rf cables were added to the input so the input cables were no longer stretched.
    On 01jul21 the xband receiver was monitored for 17hours. The setup was:

Processing the data

Total power vs time, and ra

    The total power vs time  for the entire 17 hour session was plotted:

The total power vs hour of day  (.ps)    (.pdf)

Total power vs Right Ascension (.ps)  (.pdf)

blowup total power vs time

    total power vs time blowup (.pdf)


processing: x101/210701/xbmontp.pro

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