26apr21 xband spectra in hub



   On 20apr21 we measured the xband spectra at the input to the postamp chassis in pedestal (more info). We saw a large increase in the  spectral power between 3 and 8 GHz. On 26apr21 we use the field fox spectrum analyzer to measure the  spectra in the hub to see where the  extra power was coming from. When measuring the xband total power after the first amp in the postamp chassis we found the amp output to be  2 dbm when looking at blank sky. Most of the is power was coming from the 3 to 8 GHz extra power.TH

Measuring the spectra  in the hub.

    The xband chain in the hub looks like:

Comparing the power meter and spectrum analzyer values:

The measured spectra

The plots show the measured spectra (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/210426/12meter_rfi.pro

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