20apr21 Signal at input to post Amp chassis



   The  current 12meter receiver is a dual mode : s and x band .  There are two paths for the two bands before being combined in the diplexor and sent  down to the control room via the fiber.
    schematic of the system (.pdf).

    When taking some  data we would see glitches in the xband output. On 19apr21 we found that the sband portion of the system was overloading the system causing lots of glitches in the system xband system (probably from the fiber optic xmter saturating).

Looking at the post amp chassis input

    On 20apr21 we went to the 12meter to look at the power levels in the system. What we did:

Plots of the  spectrum input to the post amp chassis (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/210420/12meter_rfi.pro

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