Measurements of the 800 cals


     Measurements of the 800Mhz rcvr cals. The column with CurValues contains the current cal values.
date measurement in use
cooled receiver with new cal cable installed 03jul09. Cals measured by ganesh with noise figure meter
cur values
installed 14aug09

13aug09 cal values

    The new cooled 800 Mhz receiver was install on 28jun09. At this time the cal values was about 40 K. On 03jul09 the cal cables were changed (changing the amount of cal that was getting into the receiver. Dana remeasured the cal values on  13aug09 using the noise figure meter every 5 Mhz.

The plots show the new calvalues as well as the Tsys measurements using the old and new cal values (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/800/cals/14aug09/,

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