p2717 pulsar search taken 26jun13


Average spectra, rms/Mean
bandpass correction median vs fit
File 1: rfi with 10 second period
dynamic spectra for the 15 files


   p2717 took data with the 327 receiver and the puppi backend on 26jun13. The setup was:

Average and rms/mean of spectra

    The average spectra and rms/mean was computed for each row of the first fits file (scan 174)

The plots show the average spectra and rms/mean by channel for file 1 (.pdf):

Dynamic spectra bandpass correction:median vs Fit.

    Dynamic spectra were made of the 90 averaged spectra (.671 secs each). The image was flattened by:

File 1: rfi with 10 sec period.

    Rfi with a 10 sec period was seen at  (353.16-353.55MHz) in file 1.

Dynamic spectra of files 1-15

    Dynamic spectra were computed for each file using the.671 sec averaged spectra. 5 files at a time were then combined into a single image with solid lines horizontal lines between each file. The files in the image are loaded from the bottom up (file 1 the bottom,file 5 at the top).


processing: /share/megs2_u1/phil/data/puppi/P2717/130626/proc_56469.pro, procday.pro