Radar rfi with serendip 5 and alfa

Mar 2007



    The seti at home serendip 5 processor has been recording 2.5 Mhz bw centered at 1420 Mhz using 1 bit complex sampling. Some data from 28mar07  (The first 240 records (50.3 seconds) from file: 28mr07aa) was used to check for reported glitches in the system.


The images/plots:

Dynamic spectra for polA (.gif):
Dynamic spectra for polB (.gif):

    You can see the comb in the image. The image is scaled  to have maximum intensity at 8 *sigma. On the left edge of the image are horizontal lines showing where the combs are at. These lines are repeated every 12 seconds.

Plots of total power and average spectra (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/070328/setirfi.pro