Total power vs time from aerostat radar

the 300 Mhz detected band versus time (.ps)  (.pdf)

        The aerostat is a tethered balloon radar that flies above lajas puerto and is used for drug interdiction (more info).

    On 06oct04 data was taken with the radar interface (RI) using pixel 2a,2b of the alfa receiver. The band was centered at 1410 Mhz. The control room front panel outputs were passed thru attenuators (pix2a 15db, pix2b 0b) and then the 300 Mhz band was detected with a 20 usecond time constant. The detected  signal was then sampled at 10 usecond sampling for 48 seconds. During the data taking,  the telescope was parked at az=270, za=1.9 degrees.

    The attenuated version was to let us see an unclipped version (in the A/D's) of the radar signal when it pointed at the AO.  The unattenuated version was to see detail when the radar was not pointed directly at us. These plots can be used as a reference when someone is looking at  a square law detected signal on the oscilloscope in the control room. This data set includes all the radars in the 300 Mhz band. The discussion below is limited to the aerostat radar.
    The plots show the 300 Mhz detected band versus time (.ps)  (.pdf) :

processing: x101/Y04/041006/